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Lecale Harvest is a family run business, founded by Patrice Bonnargent. Although Patrice is originally from France, he and his family live in the Lecale area, which inspired the name of the company.

Patrice, his wife Joy and daughter Perrine are the core team within the business.

Firstly, Patrice spent many years farming and exporting oysters from the families oyster farm in Killough bay, which his son Luc now manages.

Patrice as a young man had the benefits of a chef for a father and enjoyed traditional and wholesome meals. He was influenced by using local, and seasonal produce which has continued throughout his life and has now become the ethos for Lecale Harvest. Using these traditional methods, Lecale Harvest was created and continues to expand and grow its range of Artisan products.

The range of 17 products can now be found in a variety of Delicatessens, Farm Shops, Butchers Independent Speciality Food Stores and Wholesalers throughout the UK and Ireland

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